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About Suupy

This electric nasal aspirator was created by a pump manufacturer that has manufactured and supplied more than 200,000 units of electric nasal aspirators to major baby product companies, making full use of its core technology of pumps.

The company has succeeded in squeezing all the functions of a portable device into a compact, easy-to-handle body by focusing on baby-friendly design and researching comfort for moms and dads.

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Made in Japan Quality

All made in Japan

SUUPY is manufactured by a Japanese manufacturer specializing in pumps. The company has a factory in Fuchu City, Tokyo, and has manufactured over 200,000 nasal aspirators (medical devices) for major manufacturers. We designed and developed SUUPY by utilizing our core technology of nasal aspirator = pump technology.

SUUPY is also certified as a controlled medical device. SUUPY is also certified as a controlled medical device. Our strength lies in our solid technical capabilities, as we have supplied many parts to other companies' medical devices.

Our Proud Technology

Our invented the "Quatro Pump" achieves the leading suction power.

The core technology of a nasal aspirator = a pump. A manufacturer specializing in such pumps has developed this pump by making full use of its technological capabilities.

Quattro pump" means that there are four holes (cylinders) through which air can pass. By operating each cylinder efficiently, it is possible to achieve both a large flow rate and high pressure.

As shown in the graph, SUUPY is the only portable size nasal aspirator with high suction power compared to other companies' products. The air volume is distributed better than those with one or two cylinders, enabling SUUPY to achieve both powerful suction and quiet operation.

Parents Friendly

Compact, with the functionality of a stationary type. Ergonomic, easy-to-grip design.

Conventional portable nasal aspirators can barely suck a runny nose. SUUPY, however, can be stored in a stroller, car drink holder, or mother's bag and carried on the go, while having the same suction power as a stationary nasal aspirator.

The size and weight of the unit are almost the same as a 500ml PET bottle filled with its contents. Inspired by the grip of a PET bottle, the neck of the body has been made as thin as possible so that even women can easily handle it. In addition, the weight balance was sought so that it can be held with one hand, and it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the human hand and be easy to hold.